I find myself in a space high and wide.
My eyes turn into wings,
already I can sense how I spread them
(in doing so I sense how large and huge the space is)
I glide,
further and further and I am amazed how much I am able to see.
Here everything follows everywhere
it is beautiful here, anything is everywhere    
I am the center of it all.  
All lines run together   
I feel an enormous power.

My eyes follow the others
and follow their steps.  
Out from various layers the walls consist,
Behind them they all vanish.
Interrupted by yellow screens,
interrupted and feigning transparency
Cunning is all which arises from various layers.
Hidden, stashed – and pretending to be easily accessible.

Behind the walls everything
is divided and small.
There is also my little room,
my chamber, into which I must go,
to fulfill all the duties,
I am assigned.
like everyone else. 
Only then can I go back  / to where everything is high and wide.
From every point I am visible for everyone,
A point, which is only a small one
This one – I am.

Off the walls –as high and wide as they are
my eyes bounce off.
I am visible for everyone,
a point which is only a small one.
Where is the spreading of my eyes?
I am only able to see a border
created by those, who have the knowledge 
about the efficient translucency of intelligent walls,
And who think they have created an infinity
which entraps me to believe,
I  am the center of it all.